5 favourite snacks of Hanoi

1. Pork Porridge (Chao Suon)

Pork Porridge

Pork Porridge is a very famous dish in Hanoi. You can find this dish in each corner of Hanoi, but the most popular restaurant is located in Ly Quoc Su stress. This hot dish is the best snack for you in cold weather. The common feature of these dishes are prepared from smooth flour, swee soup, not much meat but you still feel the meat, “ruoc” and “quay” are sprinkled on the dish, make it look very tasty.

2. Grilled Pork Skewers

Grilled Pork Skewers

Grilled Pork Skewer is delicious snack. It is very popular, children love Grilled Pork Skewers so much. Each skewers priced 6000-10000 dong. You can also pay more 2,000 VND to taste a delicious skewers burger

3. Banh gio

Banh gio

One of specialties of Hanoi’s snack can’t be mentioned is Banh gio. The cake crust is made from glutinous rice. The ingredients inside the cake are pork, wood ears, pepper, chopped onions, stir fried cooked. This cake must be eaten with chutney and pickles which will be very tasty.

The cake crust is not too thick, pork flavor is perfect. Banh gio is served with sausage, “nem chua”. Price of the dish ranges from 15.000 VND – 20.000 VND.

4. Beef tomato sauce

Beef tomato sauce

Beef tendon and beef rib are main ingredients to make a beef tomato sauce dish. Beef after seasoning will be stewed with wine which makes the dish taste better.

The beef is simmered with sauce, spices, and a little flour. When the sauce has moderately thick fluid, chef put a little savory, onions chopped on top to enhance the flavor.

Beef tomato sauce is served with hot, cripsy bread. It looks very delicious.

5. Banh duc (Rice cake made of rice flour and lime water)

Banh duc

Banh duc is a favorite snack of pupils, specially in the winter. Baking powder is soft and a little chewy, it tastes succulent and warm. The cake has the sweet of pork and soup. A few fried soya cheeses and herbs, cilantro are indispensable ingredients.

You will feel the blend of rice flour with meat and lime water along with spices of chili, garlic and vinegar.

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