Vietnamese Water Puppets

Originating from the villages of the Red River Delta area of Northern Vietnam, water puppetry reflects a realistic look at the daily life of the Vietnamese citizen. Viewers are impressed ... Continue Reading →

200-year old village in Hanoi

Ancient Nom village in Van Lam district, northern Hung Yen province, about 30km from the capital city, remains intact with its natural beauty of a traditional village. Source: Photos ... Continue Reading →
Hang Be Street

36 streets Hanoi on portrait of 20th century

Come along with us for a trip down memory lane – in photos – of what life was like in the 36 streets of the Old Quarter at the turn of the 20th century:   Continue Reading →

Prehistoric Period of Hanoi

Archaeologists have found in Co Loa Commune cut and polished pebbles quite similar to those found in Lao Cai, Nghe An and Ha Tinh Provinces. These pebbles are remnants of cutting and ... Continue Reading →

An unique experience in Hanoi

Some said, “Imagine a city where the medieval and modern co-exist, a city with a blend of Parisian grace and Asian pace. Hanoi is where imagination becomes reality”, I truly feel ... Continue Reading →

Hanoi Confronting French Colonial Aggression

Immediately after France’s conquest of the three eastern provinces of South Vietnam, every participant in the 1864 preliminary civil service examination refused to sit for the event. ... Continue Reading →

Thang Long-Hanoi Under The Nguyen Dynasty

In 1802, King Gia Long ascended the throne and began the Nguyen Dynasty, with Phu Xuan being the capital, Thang Long remained the chief center of North Vietnam with 11 tran (a provincial ... Continue Reading →

Thang Long Under The Tay Son Dynasty (1788-1802)

In 1786, the Tay Son troops headed North to overthrow the Trinh Lords. o­n 21st July 1786, Thang Long was controlled by the Tay Son troops. The 241-year rule of the Trinh Lords (1545-1786) ... Continue Reading →

Thang Long Under The Mac, Restored Le And Late Le Dynasties(1527-1788)

The Confucian model of absolute monarchy in Vietnam gave rise to two contradictions: o­ne among the various factions of the ruling class, and the other, between the elite and the people. ... Continue Reading →

Thang Long Under The Early Le Dynasty(1428-1527)

Following the victory of the Lam Son insurrection, the early Le Dynasty officially began. In April 1428, Le Loi left the Bo De Palace and moved to Dong Do Citadel. o­n the 29th of ... Continue Reading →