Why I love Hanoi ?

I love Hanoi’s people, especially the Hanoi’s girls. You will be impressed by girls with fair skin and light voice. Hanoi’s girls are known by gentle personality and elegant style. Girl in modern life is very open and comfortable in daily communication but the girl here has their own way to make everyone love them. They do not talk much and not too open with people around but they still create a warm and close feeling to whom they meet. This is the tradition and the way they are educated. Now, it is hard to find an original Hanoi’s girl but if you can find them, you are a very lucky person.

Hoan Kiem Lake-1

Hanoi’s autumn is beautiful! That is a comment that people will make if they have experienced the autumn in Hanoi. And perhaps this is the most beautiful autumn I’ve ever known in this world. This judgment of a person living in Hanoi for 20 years like me might be disagree by many people but you can not deny the charm of autumn in Hanoi.


In Hanoi, on the street, in front of the house, in the park … there are a lot of trees. In autumn, yellow leaves fall down as a predetermined process. It’s so romantic to walk along Phan Dinh Phung street and watch the yellow leaves fall down in the chilly weather of autumn. There is a type of flower which is not only beautiful but also has a sweet scent, named milk flower. If you have a chance to smell this kind of flower, you will never forget it.

People often say “Hanoi is the most beautiful at night,” That is right. When the sun goes down, Hanoi has a new image: no noise, no sirens, just silence on the streets without people and sellers are busy to prepar for the early morning market. If you want to see the most obvious way of night life in Hanoi, you can go to the fruit market under the Long Bien Bridge at 3 – 4 am.

Hanoi has 4 seasons but winter is my second favorite season after autumn. Winter in Hanoi does not have snow like other countries but it is still beautiful and amazing. I love the feeling of wearing warm clothes, wearing scarf, smoke coming out of my mouth while walking on familiar roads. For those who have never experienced winter in Hanoi, you have missed a very great moment in life.

Hanoi is where you can comfortably hear phone call and not worry about it can be stolen as in Saigon. In modern city, if you are not being careful, it is easy to be stolen things but in Hanoi it is not usually happen.

Hanoi is dreamy, seductive like Da Lat . However, there is a lower possibility of rainy days in Hanoi. For those who have visited Hanoi and Da Lat, they usually make a comparison between the two destinations. The lower possibility of rainy days will help your trip smoother.
Hanoi has many kinds of flowers and most of them are very beautiful: milk flower on Nguyen Du Street (autumn), milk flower on Phan Dinh Phung Street (spring – March), peach blossom in Nhat Tan (spring – February) and lotus in West Lake (summer May – June)

And there are many more things which make me love Hanoi and I ‘m sure you’ll feel the same when you come here . Come to visit Hanoi with Eviva Tour Vietnam to discover great things about my city!

Quy Hoai

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