Bun Thang Hanoi

Old Hanoi families usually make chicken noodle in the last day of Tet Holiday, often January 4th and 5th Lunar Calendar, together with a range of offerings to honor ancestors before returning to day – to – day work.

bun thang hanoi

Chicken noodle is a finely delicious traditional dish in Hanoi. The dish is well selected at families’ dinner in the last day of the Tet Holiday after having heavy meals and alcohol drinks. What could be more interesting than having a bowl of chicken noodle while enjoying a warm cozy dinner together with family members in cold breezy days in Hanoi? Now let us introduce you the unique recipe for “Bun Thang Hanoi”.

Ingredients (for 6 bowls)
+ Vietnamese chicken 1000g
+ Lean pork paste 200g
+ Chicken bones 1000g
+ Lean rump pork 250g
+ Dried prawns 150g
+ Dry onions 50g
+ Pachyrhizus 100g
+ Fragrant knotweed 2 bunches
+ Ginger 40g
+ Chilli 2 results
+ Rice vermicelli 600g
+ Salted eggs 2 eggs
+ Duck eggs 2 eggs
+ Beetroots 500g
+ A Belostomatid
+ Spices (including refined salt, seasoning salt, pepper, fish sauce, shrimp paste, vegetable oil, vinegar, sugar, white wine)

+ Cut fragrant knotweed and gingers into long and thin pieces
+ Cut a pepper into short and big slices and another pepper into long and thin pieces.
+ Cut beetroots into pieces of 5cm long each
+ Remove the inner part of the beetroots
+ Dry the pieces of the beetroots and clean them using salted water
+ Put beetroots into a small jar together with ginger and chili slices.
+ Put a spoon of vinegar, a spoon of sugar, a three quarter spoon of fish sauce into a bowl.
+ Boil sour and sweet fish sauce, after than let it gets cold
+ Pour fish sauce into the jar consisting of pickled beetroots for 1 hour.
+ Bake a Belostomatid over a slow fire
+ Remove its vesicle consisting of its essential oil into a bottle of fish sauce.

+ Simmer chicken bones for 2 hour and purify the consommé while it is boiling.
+ Boil chicken in broth and select a bit of chicken meat, then cut them into pieces
+ Cut the remaining chicken meat into slices
+ Mince two dry onions into pieces while bake the remaining onions over a slow fire.
+ Finely minced lean rump pork seasoned with refined salt, seasoning salt, pepper and fish sauce.
+ Put half of finely chopped onions into a pan together with a bit of vegetable oil
+ Fry minced lean rump pork in the pan.
+ Mince Pachyrhizus fruits into pieces then just as hash.
+ Put the remaining minced onions into a pan and fry small chicken meat pieces together with pachyrhizus
+ Season the mixture with refined salt, seasoning salt and fish sauce
+ Put a bit of aromatic roasted prawns into the consommé and make salted shredded shrimp using the remaining prawns
+ Boiling salted egg and cut it into two pieces
+ Cut lean pork paste into long and thin slices.
+ Beat up duck eggs and seasons whipped eggs with salt, seasoning salt, white wine
+ Put a bit of whipped eggs into a pan and fry it over a slow fire and quickly removed from hot pan.
+ Cut fried egg into long and thin pieces.
+ Season the consommé with salt, seasoning salt and fish sauce

+ Put fried chicken and fragrant knotweed into the bottom of the bowl
+ Put rice vermicelli above
+ Arrange slices of chicken meat, fried eggs, lean pork paste, salted shredded shrimp, fried rump pork, salted egg onto rice vermicelli
+ Pour hot consommé into the bowl
+ The dish is best served with salted beetroots, shrimp paste, sliced peppers, and fish sauce seasoned with Belostomatid’s essential oil.