Top 3 things you should know when travelling to Hanoi

In order to have a perfect tour in Hanoi, Eviva Tour Vietnam shows you some advises for your holiday to our country.

Hanoi Old Quarter

1. Weather in Hanoi

Hanoi is in the South of Vietnam where its weather divided into 4 main seasons: hot in summer, cold in winter, cool in autumn and wet in spring. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a specific weather in Hanoi, you could arrange your holiday based on the seasons.

2. Booking hotels in Hanoi

If it is the first time you visit Hanoi, you would stay in the Old street in Hanoi to experience the bustling life in the main streets in Hanoi such as Hang Trong Street, Hang Bong street, Hang Gai street, Hang Manh street, etc.

On the other hand, if you desire to enjoy peaceful places and historical places, you could consider hotels around West Lake. It brings you fresh and clean atmosphere around the lake in the morning and you could enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

3. Other references for the services in Hanoi

In order to avoid the uncomfortable situation when travelling in Hanoi, we suggest:

-When you go shopping, you must not go in the early morning and ask the price but not buy. To the sellers, it is considered as a “bad luck” for the whole day.

-You should consult the price before shopping from different sources and bargain in case of buying with higher price.

-Map is inevitable in your trip in order to avoid getting lost in Hanoi and misleading streets. If you want to use public transport in Hanoi, you should ask the price or get advice from the reception of your hotel.

-If you tend to visit the pagoda, you should avoid the festival terms.

-If you travel far away from Hanoi, please make sure all the services are booked and ready before your travel.

by: Quynh Trang