Hanoi’s old quarter street food

Cha Ca La Vong (fried fish), Bun Cha Hang Manh (rice noodle with grilled pork), Banh Duc Le Ngoc Han (cake made from ground rice and peanuts) and Banh Cuon Hang Ga (steamed rice pancakes ... Continue Reading →

Ta Hien – “Fresh Beer” Street

Let’s see how Eviva’s customers think of Ta Hien, famous fresh beer street in Hanoi. Claire, an English visitor to Vietnam, has travelled across country for nearly 2 weeks but ... Continue Reading →

A Hanoian oddity

Egg coffee is one of Hanoi’s must-tries for visitors and has been included in many food tours around the capital city. Jin, a Swedish tourist, shares with Timeout that she had never ... Continue Reading →

Special dishes make big profits for small Hanoi food stalls

Many small food stalls scattered around Hanoi’s streets and alleys are making large profits thanks to their special dishes. Glutinous rice doughnut store earns VND5 million per ... Continue Reading →

Hanoi cuisine street – experience and enjoy

For first time travelers like ourselves in Hanoi, we found food tour a great way to experience real “local” distinctness of Vietnamese cuisine and explore the Old Quarter. ... Continue Reading →

Enjoying Southern dishes in the Capital

With the spread of Southern cuisine in the capital, tourists do not need to travel Saigon or southern provinces to enjoy specialties there, just in Hanoi- a beautiful capital, you can ... Continue Reading →

Pho and Beyond in Hanoi

A new e-book aims to show travellers that there’s more to Vietnamese cuisine than just the well-known noodle soup called Pho. Pho & Beyond showcases Southeast Asian cuisine that ... Continue Reading →

Bun Thang: decicacy of Hanoi cuisine

Bún thang which is is well-known in Cau Go street, Hang Hom street, Giang Vo street, etc consists of ingredients such as vermicelli, egg, chicken, and pork. The ingredients include ... Continue Reading →

Favourite dishes of Hanoi’s teenagers

Most Hanoi teens enjoy crunchy pillow shaped cakes, Vietnamese soft tofu, etc. in Nghia Tan market area, Cau Giay district. It is not only a variety of dishes but also cheap with average ... Continue Reading →

Street Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam

Coffee is one of the most favored drinks of all time. Espresso, cappuccino, crème latte, etc. fascinate millions of people of choosy appetite around the globe. Anyone who seeks for ... Continue Reading →