Enjoy food for only $1.5 in Hanoi

Hundreds of kinds of snacks and dishes priced below VND30,000 ($1.5) are sold at night markets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

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Visiting the Old Quarter in the cold weather of a weekend night, visitors will surprisingly see thousands of people sitting on the sidewalks and the roadway just to enjoy a glass of cold beer for VND5,000 ($0.2) or a beer for VND35,000-VND40,000 ($1.6-$2). Hanoi cold beer is loved by all kinds of customers from young men to middle-aged women, from locals to international visitors.
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Beer drinkers often choose a snack like roasted dried squids, chips, boiled peanuts, or fermented pork rolls. However, roasted squid priced from VND100,000 to VND120,000 ($5-6)/squid is the favorite item. One squid is enough for 3-4 people.
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Fried corn is also a favorite food for beer drinkers for its cheap price and good taste. The price for a fried corn dish is VND20,000 ($1).
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Corn is fried with butter, spices and onion.
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Crispy fried potatoes is also a good snack, which is priced for only VND15,000-VND20,000/disk, served with mayonnaise and tomato sauce or chili sauce.
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On Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Hien, and Hang Buom streets, diners will see famous noshes of 10-20 years ago in Hanoi. In the picture is Mr. Luu Van Hao, 77, a very famous seller of nom bo kho (sweet and sour salad with dried beef). A dish of nom bo kho is VND30,000. The price is not cheap but it is reasonable for the great taste of the food, which is prepared by Hao, who has been selling nom bo kho for nearly 30 years.
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A glass of cold beer for VND5,000 with nosh of less than VND30,000 is very attractive for those who come to the night market of Hanoi.
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This corn come from the alluvial ground amid the Red River, a new specialty of Hanoi. It is only VND10,000 ($0.5) for one grilled corn.
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Corn cakes are also popular.
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Fresh food priced at VND20,000/unit
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Banh goi is VND8,000-VND10,000 ($0.4-$0.5).
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Popcorn and green rice flake cakes – a snack reminiscent of childhood.
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Nem xoi.
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Tornado fries – a street food loved by kids – is only VND10,000/jack.

Source: Vietnamnet/travel