Pho and Beyond in Hanoi

A new e-book aims to show travellers that there’s more to Vietnamese cuisine than just the well-known noodle soup called Pho.

Pho and Beyond

Pho & Beyond showcases Southeast Asian cuisine that many travellers haven’t heard of before. It also provides a region-by-region breakdown of some of the country’s finest dishes and the best spots to find them.

This 49-page full-colour PDF e-book is available free from Eviva Tour, a Viet Nam tour company that specializes in southeast Asia adventures.

“Many of our clients are very familiar with Pho,” said Thu Trang, the CEO of Eviva Tour. “But we wanted to show travellers that there are so many other great Vietnamese dishes out there.

“Pho & Beyond” helps people learn more about Southeast Asian cuisine–that way they’ll have a better idea of what to expect when they arrive.”

The food in Viet Nam blends influences from China, Thailand and France while maintaining its own unique flavour– the result is a style that is distinct, memorable, and absolutely delicious.

The geography and culture of Viet Nam has given rise to three separate food regions across the country, and each area serves up its own array of dishes that have to be tried while you’re visiting here.

Pho & Beyond also shows travellers where to find some of the best restaurants in Viet Nam and also includes a special section about street food in Sai Gon.