Perfume Pagoda – Some points you should know before going

After one day trip in Perfume Pagoda (Huong Pagoda), I found it is truly perfect scenic place with the religious complex of pagoda and landscape. If you are about to make a religious ... Continue Reading →
Motorbikes in Hanoi

Transportation Tips in Hanoi

Hanoi is the political capital of Vietnam and historically has a reputation for being a reserved city. Keeping in mind the prevailing conservative customs, be on your best behaviour ... Continue Reading →

Travel guide in Hanoi – Communication information

Hanoi capital in Vietnam boasts over six million residents as well as a treasure trove of French architecture. Look for buildings in the trademark yellow ochre color, well maintained ... Continue Reading →

Getting around Hanoi by motorbike taxi

In Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, motorbike is the most popular kind of transport. You will be very surprised to see millions of motorbike on the road every day. In Vietnam, ... Continue Reading →

Weekend night market in the heart of Hanoi

Weekend night market is held in every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 6:30 pm to 12:00 pm. The market extends from Hang Dao stress to Hang Giay stress. It’s located in the ... Continue Reading →

Each corner in Hanoi

I have impressed by an album about Ha Noi of America photographer – Jon Siegel and I harmonize the way he feels about Ha Noi. It demonstrates the whole picture of this country and ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 things you should know when travelling to Hanoi

In order to have a perfect tour in Hanoi, Eviva Tour Vietnam shows you some advises for your holiday to our country. 1. Weather in Hanoi Hanoi is in the South of Vietnam where its ... Continue Reading →

Sketches from my Hanoi trip

Singaporean artist Teoh Yi Chie visited Hanoi for one week in March 2015 and sketched images of the city. Chie said this was his first trip to Hanoi and he had no idea of what to expect.  ... Continue Reading →

Where and How to buy cheap shoes in Hanoi?

When I was in Hanoi last year, I asked my nephew who was a tour guide for a travel company called Eviva Tour Vietnam about where and how to buy some pair of shoes with reasonable price ... Continue Reading →

Shopping tips for tourists traveling to Hanoi

Shopping is a familiar activity of many tourists. Hanoi has many special goods and souvenirs which attract so many people. Here are a few shopping information and tips for tourists ... Continue Reading →