Motor taxis in Hanoi

It’s a rainy afternoon when I’ve just descended the bus in My Dinh Bus Station. The first thing I want to do is getting home as fast as possible after tiredness from long journey. Nevertheless, cap seems not to be good choice for a student like me who can only afford with a small budget.

Motor taxis in Hanoi

Gathering around me are many other “xe om” men as flies and continuously ask me “Where are you going?”. The questions were repeated again and again. I ignored all despite I still do not how will I get home.

Fortunately, I stepped out of the bus and it’s even more “xe om”. However, they are “xe om” with a meter! Besides, they worn uniform that showed me they are well organized. They did wow me and I immediately chose a young man who came to me first with a raincoat on his hand.

First experience – xe om revolutionary step

There are 15 kilometers from My Dinh to my house and takes around 1,5 hours. Therefore, I had times to ask the new type of service in this city.

As far as I know, they acted exactly like a motor taxis company and they communicated each other through mobile-phones. Drivers will pay 30 % of his earnings as commissions, so they kept 70 %. It is not bad but significant steps.

For years, there were a lot of troubles relating to discipline that influence on the awareness of customers when they tried to get a vehicles to transport. If you want to get a good price, you have to bargain aggressively. But you’re still worry about the quality. But now, you can find a reliable motor taxis company online. And there come a driver with a meter, then all you have to do is sitting and seeing roads.

Tuan Nghia