Stunning photos of Hanoi street vendors from above

A Dutch photographer has spent a lot of time on a bridge in the middle of Hanoi, just to capture one of the most lovely moments of Hanoi street.

hanoi street vendor 1

Photographer Loes Heerink from the Netherland has live in Hanoi for 4 years. The street vendors here with plenty of things on their bikes, wandering around every corner of the street has inspired the photographer.

Loes has spent a lot of time on the bridge or the balconies of some restaurants to get top-view photos. The top view allows us to see the beauty of symmetry, enhance the adorableness the vendor unintentionally created.

hanoi street vendor 3

Besides photographing, Loes also took time chatting with some of the women, who usually have to wake at dawn, load up and carry a variety of products, from veggie to plastic flowers.

hanoi street vendor 4

Loes has to wake up early waiting for the vendor to go by but she didn’t succeed all the time. There was a time she had to wait for straight up 5 hours but no photos could have been taken.

hanoi street vendor 5
Weather conditions also have great effects on Loes’ photographing as well. Some of her pictures were taken right after a shower. The clouded sky created a sharper visual effect, from the dark gray of the concrete to the shape of the bike and the vendors.
hanoi street vendor 6
“Try to imagine yourself waking up from 4 am, packing plenty of veggies and fruits on the bike and walk around the streets every day. You don’t know how lovely a scenery you have made!”, shared Loes. She also has an idea of writing a book about of the vendors on Hanoi street and their lives.
hanoi street vendor 7
Loes is planning to come back to Vietnam to capture more stunning photographs like this on Hanoi street. She wants to have more than 100 distinguished photos of this topic. And so, she has been raising a fund and hopes to get support from other people.
Photo: Loes Heerink