Visit around to Hanoi by motorbike taxi

In Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, motorbike is the most popular kind of transport. You will be very surprised to see millions of motorbike on the road every day. In Vietnam, the high quality transport such as car, subway train has not really developed so motorbike is the best option that many Vietnamese choose. When you travel to Vietnam, you should spend time with motorbike.

Visit around to Hanoi by motorbike taxi-2

Motorbike is indispensable to most people in Vietnam; they ride motorbike to go to work, going out, shopping and many other activities. Since motorbike has become popular, the new transport service for citizen and tourist also appeared, it is motorbike taxi.

People use motorbike taxi when they do not have enough money for a taxi, or they do not want to become part of the crowd on the bus. And today there are many tourists use motorbike taxi as a mean of transport to explore Hanoi. Motorbike taxi is used more for very many reasons.

Visit around to Hanoi by motorbike taxi

First, motorbike taxi has reasonable price and much cheaper than taxi. You can also deal and bargain price with the rider. If you agree with the price, you can decide to use it or not.

Motorbikes in Vietnam are small and easy to control; this is very useful when moving around small streets in Hanoi. That mean you will have more opportunity to go to special places in Hanoi.

Motorbikes are very suitable for people who usually get carsick. You can enjoy the fresh air and see the streets, beautiful places of the city while sitting on the motorbike.

Safety is a thing that everyone cares when traveling. When sitting on a motorbike, some tourists have fear, but it’s actually safer than other types of public transport. Motorbike is controlled by rider have a lot of experiences so they can easily handle any situation on the road. Additionally they also prepare helmet for you; it will make you feel more comfortable and safer.

For many foreigners, the motorbike is not really safe but you should try to use it when you come to Vietnam. It is such a great experience.