How to take long-haul buses in Hanoi

As one of the busiest cities in Vietnam, Hanoi definitely is a major hub for hundreds of different passenger as well as cargo buses from surrounding provinces. There are 3 major long-distance ... Continue Reading →

Autumn – a wonderful season in Hanoi

Weather in Hanoi is getting cooler these days. The leaves are starting to change its color Vibrant color of yellow is slowly replacing the green of old trees in streets, creating a ... Continue Reading →

Autumn – the most beautiful time in Hanoi

Autumn, especially October should be the best time of the year to visit Hanoi and the North of Vietnam. Thanks to the support of the weather, with the average temperature of 25 Census ... Continue Reading →

Romantic novel Hanoi Jane inspired by expat’s journey

People who have lived in Vietnam for many years or are preparing to move to the country will enjoy Hanoi Jane, the first novel by Canadian writer Elka Ray. Ray’s story is set ... Continue Reading →

200-year old village in Hanoi

Ancient Nom village in Van Lam district, northern Hung Yen province, about 30km from the capital city, remains intact with its natural beauty of a traditional village. Source: Photos ... Continue Reading →

5 unforgettable experiences when traveling Hanoi

(Welcome 2 Hanoi) – Hanoi is not noisy and active as Sai Gon, but this place has the best street food in Asia, with the impressive culture and history. I had great experience ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 must – see attractions in Hanoi

When to Hanoi – Vietnam, you should visit all of these 3 must-see sights, including One Pillar Pagoda, The Temple of Literature, Flag Tower of Hanoi – A heroic and sacred symbol ... Continue Reading →

The three ancient villages in Hanoi’s suburbs

Visiting the Hanoi old villages of a few hundred years old, you will enjoy the quiet spaces of the countryside and discover the traditional architecture of Vietnam. Uoc Le Village The ... Continue Reading →

Relaxing lake getaways in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is popular for its lakes that provide a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Continue Reading →

Hanoi in the eyes of foreign friends

Eating outside, loving outside; Hanoians go to bed ealier and frequently be curious about age, income, but will quickly come to give you a hand if you fall. They are opinions of foreign ... Continue Reading →