Three reasons to visit Hanoi in autumn

If you ask what the best time to visit Hanoi, the answer will certainly be in Autumn. Why? Let’s find out reasons that why you should come and enjoy the city during the autumn with us.


1. The ease in Hanoi atmosphere

Stands still as a millennium capital, Hanoi is the cultural center of Vietnam. For this reason, Hanoi becomes one of the busiest cities. If you have searched information about Hanoi before, you would find the messy flow of transportation happening on main ways. However, the rhythm of life seems to be getting slower, deeper and smoother during fall. The reason for that is when the fall comes, Hanoi people tend to be quieter to watch the transforms between two seasons. The feelings made them as experienced person.

2. Poetic beauties through the old architects

In Autumn, Hanoi enchants people because its beauty weaves on every corner of Old Quarter and reflects on ups and downs of Hanoi. They are the reasons why Hanoi became topics of many poetries and songs.

The “old” Hanoi consisted of 36 streets but now the number is extended to 50. The way people named those streets are fascinating following the main product on that street in the 13th century. Nowadays, some streets still sticks to its products that handed down from the ancestor as: Hang Gai (silk), Hang Bac (silver), …

Together with Old Quarter, many other heritages are still there despite the destruction of time and war.

 Flag tower in Vietnam military museum in autumn.
Flag tower in Vietnam military museum in autumn.

3. Romantic places

Imagine that you and your partners take a walk along roads covered by autumn yellow leaves or sit next to the other on the bank of West Lake in the sunset. It will bring to you an unique experience that you can never have anywhere else.