Thang Long Under The Early Le Dynasty(1428-1527)

Following the victory of the Lam Son insurrection, the early Le Dynasty officially began.

In April 1428, Le Loi left the Bo De Palace and moved to Dong Do Citadel. o­n the 29th of the same month, he ascended the throne to become an emperor. In 1430, Dong Do was renamed Dong Kinh, and o­nce again in 1466, it was named Trung Do.

The early Le Dynasty elevated Confucianism to the status of State orthodox religion and stressed the importance of education. As a result, the Temple of Literature (National University) underwent further development. In 1487, stone steles containing the names of first laureates of court exams began to be erected here.

People continued to flock to Dong Kinh to earn their livings and to engage in trade. The Capital, as result, became even livelier. However, the Le Kings did not favor the migratory flows and the development of trade. They even ordered the expulsion of temporary residents from the Capital. As a result, many unemployed persons were forced to come back to their native land.