Shopping tips for tourists traveling to Hanoi

Shopping is a familiar activity of many tourists. Hanoi has many special goods and souvenirs which attract so many people. Here are a few shopping information and tips for tourists who travel to Hanoi.


• Dong Xuan Market and Dong Xuan Night Market: Although it is mainly set up for Vietnam wholesalers selling to numerous Hanoi shops, it is still a great place to see Vietnam in action. Especially on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings Hang Dao and Hang Duong streets are for pedestrians only and lit up for Hanoi’s largest night market. The market has a range of cheap products including clothes, cell phone cases, and sunglasses. Great local products and street foods can be found along the side streets.

Dong Xuan Market

• Hanoi’s Old Quarter: Old Quarter’s shopping possibilities are endless! You can walk around and around for days shopping and bargaining, and buy souvenirs and gifts. Most of the streets are organized to sell a certain product. There are a lot of stores which sell one kind of goods on the same street and sometimes it makes you confused. Luckily I bought things I want with reasonable price when I travel to Hanoi. Staff of Eviva Tour helped me a lot by directing places I should visit and come to buy things. You should ask other people and try to get as many advices as you can before coming to Hanoi Old Quarter for shopping.

Hanoi Old Quarter

• Luxury Shopping and Brand Names: You can find true brand name stores near the Hanoi Opera House and Metropole Hotel as Louis Vuiton, Gucci, and others here.

Hanoi also has a luxury shopping mall built underground. Royal City Mega Mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. All items such as fashion, accessories, furniture, jewelry, electronics, supermarkets with famous brands in Vietnam and the world can be found here. “Food Street” with more than 200 restaurants in the Mall is a paradise for citizen and visitors, the most delicious dishes of Vietnam and the world are served in this street. Customers who come to Royal Mega Mall not only can go shopping and eating but also they can entertain with many great services. First is the largest indoor Water Park in Southeast Asia – Vinpearl Water Park Royal City; second is the first indoor skating rink in Vietnam – Vinpearl Royal City Ice Rink. Besides, World of Games and Children City- “Kiz Citi” and modern Platinum Cineplex Cinema are also areas which make Mega Mall perfect for customers.


  • If an item does not have its price tag, the price is always negotiable.
  • Knock at least three quarters off the top when negotiating a price.
  • Vietnam has recently changed from paper to polymer (plastic) bank notes, and some of the notes look very similar because of their color, and because of all the zeroes. For example the 20,000 Dong note looks very similar to the 500,000 dong note and the same goes for the 50,000 and 200,000 dong notes. So you should always double check before handing over any money and also when receiving change.
  • Remain positive attitude and keep smiling throughout the process.


  • Ao Dai (long silk dress) and other tailor-made clothing are traditional customs of Vietnamese women.
  • Lacqureware pictures, bowls, plates & drink coasters have stunning quality and you should buy those things.
  • Vietnamese art: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have many great traditional and contemporary art shops offering sculptures, carvings, rattan, and stunning paintings.
  • Vietnam’s black coffee is some of the bests in the world. Do not miss the chance to taste and bring it home.
  • Shoes and Handbags. All women love their shoes and hand bags. You will find an enormous range and variety of shoes and handbags with reasonable price and quality.

Good luck!