Perfume Pagoda – Some points you should know before going

After one day trip in Perfume Pagoda (Huong Pagoda), I found it is truly perfect scenic place with the religious complex of pagoda and landscape. If you are about to make a religious trip, my reviews about this place might be helpful.

perfume pagoda hanoi


It is located in the limestone mountains 60 kilometers away from Hanoi; it is quite near and you can go there by motorbike, car or even bus. In my opinion, the cheapest way is to take the local bus; but the most enjoyable way is to hire a car . For local bus, you can take it in Yen Nghia station. For car rental, asking the support from travel agencies is highly recommended. As my real experience, I asked Eviva Tours for help and the service they offered me is much appreciated.

Boat is used to help you pass the Yen stream to the foot of the complex. You can purchase this ticket at the local boat tickets and the service fee is around VND 120.000 per person.

Picturesque places:

Yen stream looks peaceful like an ink wash painting. It is often crowded with many boats in festival season. There are some little houses in the mountain ranges (passing by the stream ???). It looks like the small points in the huge picture.

Suoi Yen, Huong Son, Chua Huong
Yen stream

Huong Tich grotto is a vast cave with a number of altars inside. People say that the stalagmite inside looks likes a dragon’s tongue. And to reach this stalagmite, there is a flight of stairs with 120 steps up. ( or You need to climb 120 steps to get there)

Huong Tich grotto
Huong Tich grotto

Thien Tru Pagoda -its character is very typical of Vietnamese pagoda with triple-roofed bell pavilion. It also honors Quan Am, Goddess of Mercy.

Thien Tru Pagoda
Thien Tru Pagoda

Travel tips:

You should not go there on the Lunar New Year Festival because many Vietnamese rush to go there. Also most foreigner visit Perfume pagoda as a part of an organized tour. Eviva Tour, which I mentioned above, offers both private and group tour with the reasonable price and impressive services.