What you need to know when traveling Hanoi

Hanoi tours

1. Weather:

Northern of Vietnam has four seasons in a year. Therefore, weather is what you need to consider when traveling. In general, summer is usually sunny and hot, winter is cold, and spring is rainy and wet. The best time to travel to Hanoi is autumn which lasts from September to November.

In the summer, you should choose light clothes that can absorb sweat because the weather is very hot. If you arrive in Hanoi in winter, remember to bring jackets and warm clothes because the temperature may drop below 10 degrees.

2. Booking hotels in Hanoi

If you visit Hanoi for the first time, you should stay in the old quarter area. Select and book hotels near the St Joseph Cathedral, Ma May , Hang Hanh, Hang Trong, Hang Bong, Hang Gai … From here you can easily enjoy the vibrant, busy nightlife in center of Hanoi.

And for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere, it is better to book hotels around West Lake. Staying here, you will get fresh air of Ha Noi as well as enjoy the romance of the West Lake in the afternoon.However, because West Lake is quite far from the city center, you should rent a motorbike to reduce transportation costs.

3. Other Considerations

Most people have a common comment that services in Hanoi and in Northern provinces are not as good as in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for unhappy experiences that may happen while using the service here. But you can reduce trouble with the following tips:

– When you go shopping, you should not just ask the price without intention to buy it in the early morning.

– Ask about the price before using any services. You should consult prices at various sources and should bargain to avoid being taken advantage by sellers.

– In order to enjoy all the natural beauty and great architecture of temples in Hanoi, you should not visit temples in festival season because it is very crowed at that time.

– Do not travel to Sapa from Hanoi if you have not planed carefully. As the number of train and hotel is limited, you may have to buy a train ticket with very expensive price and there is no room to rest.

These are necessary advices to keep in mind when you come to Hanoi. Contact Eviva Tour Vietnam for more advices and have the opportunity to experience Hanoi in a perfect way.