Hanoi Virtual Tour

As all you know, Vietnam suspended visas for all foreign arrivals because of concerns about the spreading of Coronavirus. But wherever you are, I am still here and take you around Hanoi right now. You guessed what I am saying, don’t you? Yes, It is the virtual reality technology that brings you a feeling “You are now in Hanoi”. This is an interesting trip, maybe you have not ever imagined before, right. Let’s go

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake certainly is the first place for those coming to Vietnam for the first time. The tranquil lake surface located among a bustling city that you saw somewhere on Tv, the internet. But virtual reality technology gets you a different aspect. No vehicle horns, you will listen to relaxing music while reading English subtitles. Although there is no English intro sound you can turn on Vietnamese intro sounds if you want. That voice is very attractive. Some interesting short stories about this lake are also worth reading. Please click here to visit Hoan Kiem Lake.

Turtle Tower here is the next stopover. All the information about a famous image in Hanoi will be shown for you. This tower was built from 1884 in a combination of French and Vietnamese architecture.

Ngoc Son Temple sits on the islet in Hoan Kiem Lake. This temple and The Huc Bridge establish the unique combination including the ancient beauty of the hundreds-years-old construction and the bustling city. Ngoc Son has experienced many restorations for a long time, but it still stands here and keeps intact its precious education values.

Ma May Ancient House This is a favorite destination for Western tourists. Ma May is not only an ancient house but also a museum preserving traditional values of Hanoians family as well as Vietnamese.

Hoa Lo Prison is for those interested in past Vietnam. It is also ironically known as the Hilton hotel in Hanoi. At Hoa Lo prison, you will have an overview of its architectural characteristics and history. This is an important historical relic in the center of Hanoi capital where many main events of Vietnam were witnessed.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum located not far from Hoan Kiem lake. You can visit the museum just by a click mouse here. Although all information on artifacts could not show in the virtual tour I think it provides for you the most attractive points. To clearly understand, we always welcome you here in one day to explore the life of Vietnamese women in the past and now.

Hanoi Opera House here brings an amazing feeling. This opera house is too famous for tourists with yellow-painted walls. Its beauty architecture is opulent. Therefore it is often the place celebrating important performances, awards ceremonies.

Ho Chi Minh Museum  It can say that this is one of the most beautiful museums in Vietnam. It is impressively designed with lotus shape. The museum will help you understand about Hochiminh president’s career and life. Ensure that information will not be boring because artifacts are arranged and displayed in a meaningful layout.

P/s: Travelling by virtual reality technology cannot express detailed information but it may inspire you to choose Vietnam for the next trip when the Coronavirus comes to the end. Don’t forget to apply for a Vietnam visa if you do not come from exempt countries. However, the situation of the Vietnam visa policy can be temporarily changed after the pandemic. You can update the information at https://vietnamvisa.org.vn/. I hope we all will win this Coronavirus nightmare. Plus, reference here to protect your health in the right way