Beauty of Hanoi woman

Hanoi capital has a history of over a thousand year. Hanoi has always been known as a peaceful city, with many traditional features. But Hanoi’s most prominent thing when it comes to this city, it is definitely Hanoi woman. Hanoi woman attracted people with opposite sex by the elegance, subtlety and tenderness. Those things are expressed through how they dress, how they talk and how they behave in their daily lives.

When it comes to Hanoi woman, you have to talk about Hanoi woman of the 18th, 19th, 20th century. Hanoi woman in the past has been confined with principles or rules of the society in the past. This has brought them the beauty that cannot definitely be found anywhere in the whole world. There were a lot of rules when Hanoi women in the past have their meal. They were not allowed to look around while eating, to create noise when chewing and swallowing foods, to laugh too loud, and to face down when eating When they finished, they had to use their own handkerchief to wipe their mouth clean. These rules were always followed strictly by Hanoi people in the past

In the past, Hanoi women dressed discreetly but still showing the attraction of women. The way a woman dressed by that time usually simple, not too many colors, but still very impressive. There was one kind of outfit Hanoi woman in the past usually used and now it has become a symbol of Hanoi woman. That’s “Ao dai” (traditional long dress). That dress not only demonstrates the discreet, elegance, gentleness of Hanoi woman but also express the charisma, impressiveness

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Women in the past communicated with others in a soft-spoken, easy going, way and they hardly screamed or shouted. They also walked gently like a kitty. It was hard to see a woman before with the rush that lose the charm and elegance. Hanoi women in the past always care for their family in a thoughtful way.

However, these traditional values have also been partially replaced by the movement of moder society. Hanoi women in the 21st century is much more different than those in the past.

Hanoi modern women do not have to dress too discreetly anymore. They are free to wear their favorite costumes but it still has to be acceptable and make a woman look good. In addition, women in Hanoi today have a wide range of options in nurturing their beauty and youth with massage andspa therapies or to use a variety of good cosmetics. That’s what makes the beauty of the woman become more attractive.

Openness, confidence to express feeling and opinion of Hanoi modern woman are increasing. They can communicates, talks about things with others without fear of other people evaluate them that they are not good. Woman of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular now have higher positions and be respected by others. There are many women who have become leaders of large companies, large organizations and the Government of Vietnam.

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Despite the modern of social, women today still carry the traditional values. The above values are still respected and followed. In the present life of family in Hanoi, the parents and grandparents always teach their daughter those traditional values and rules for Hanoi woman.

Hanoi is not only famous for wonderful tourist attractions but also travelling to Hanoi is also an opportunity for visitors to get to know about the beauty of Hanoi woman. Come to Hanoi to see firsthand the beauty of Hanoi women in the past and in present.

Author: Tran Quy Hoai