The best foods in Hanoi

The French left Vietnam in 1954 after 100 years of colonial rule, but their influence on Vietnamese cuisine remained. From the egg coffee, to sandwiches, to classic Vietnamese noodle ... Continue Reading →

It’s 4 a.m. in Hanoi

If you think Hanoi is now completely a modern city with noise and traffic jam, think again! The city itself still remains all the ancient and elegant beauty that is waiting for you ... Continue Reading →

Bat Trang – Traditional ceramic village in Hanoi

Bat Trang traditional village of Hanoi is a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. Stores at Bat Trang shows products in different shapes and styles. Made by family ... Continue Reading →
Noodles and Fried Tofu

Hoang Cau Street – A street for food in Hanoi

Hoang Cau Street is not too long and situated between De La Thanh Street and Thai Ha Street. It is a gathering place of many eateries from all parts of Vietnam. Fish Noodle Soup The ... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Hanoi

The idea of spending Christmas time in a tropical country like Vietnam seems to be weird, especially when you know that the number of Catholics in Vietnam is not significant. However, ... Continue Reading →

Five delicious sweet porridges of Hanoi in autumn

You can enjoy che (sweet porridge) in Hanoi at any time, but only in the fall, the taste of the following is the best as it is the season of fruit used to process porridge. Continue Reading →

Hanoi’s attractions for tourists

Hanoi has been honored by prestigious travel magazines and organizations as one of world’s top destinations. It attracts tourists for its beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, ... Continue Reading →

Delicious fish dishes in Hanoi

Visiting Hanoi, tourists can enjoy delicacies made from fish such as fish noodles, fish soup, fish congee and more, which come from other provinces in the country. Haiphong fish noodle ... Continue Reading →

Hoan Kiem Lake walking zone draws big crowds on weekend

The walking zone surrounding the Hoan Kiem Lake in downtown Ha Noi has quickly become a hit to local and international tourists since its debut in September According to the Hoan Kiem ... Continue Reading →

The ancient features of Duong Lam

Over the time, the old signs have been imprinted on each dormer, each road in the small village of Duong Lam. Duong Lam is an exciting destination not new to many visitors. This is ... Continue Reading →