200-year old village in Hanoi

Ancient Nom village in Van Lam district, northern Hung Yen province, about 30km from the capital city, remains intact with its natural beauty of a traditional village.

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In the centre of the village, there is a beautiful architectural complex of a communal house, an ancient well and a century-old banyan tree – typical features of a traditional village in the north.
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The arched village gate with sophisticatedly carved pillars was built more than 200 years ago.
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A 200-year old house
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Red brick tiled paths and ancient house’s gate
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Simple rural lifestyle is retained and hardly affected by the rapid urbanisation process

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Nom bridge – a unique stone one in Hung Yen.

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Nom market day is held 12 times per month
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Built in 1680, Nom pagoda has been restored several times and still keeps more than 100 terra-cotta statues.

Source: Photos taken by vnexpress