Une expérience unique à Hanoi

Certains ont dit, "Imagine a city where the medieval and modern co-exist, une ville avec un mélange de grâce parisienne et le rythme de l'Asie. Hanoi is where imagination becomes reality", I truly feel that Hanoi did bring a memorial experience to me in the last summer vacation.

I felt happy as a friend of mine, who work in a travel agency in HanoiEviva Tours, took me to a lot of landmarks in this place and I was obviously overwhelmed by its beauty. As I am an architect, Hanoi impressed me in a special way.

Mentioning about Hanoi, what comes first to tourists’ mind is probably the first University of the capital and also the nation – "The Literature Temple". Besides its foremost meaning, Van Mieu is also the place to worship Confucius, setting doctor steles. Youngsters always come here to pray for success by touching the rock tortoises’ head before any examinations, because it is believed to be very sacred.

Van Mieu, Quoc Tu Giam, Ha Noi

En outre, Hanoi witnessed the transformation from French-colonial architecture to the combination of local and French architecture. A stark example is the Hanoi Opera House, which is a great construction built by the French Colonialist Government during the early years of the 20th century. The designers consulted Corankta Greek ancient architecture in combination with Tuylory Castle and Opera de Paris to form a unique architecture.

En plus, Hanoi is always fascinating with the The Huc bridge standing over Lac Hoan Kiem.

Lac Hoan Kiem.

Pour moi, Hanoi is one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia. It’s a place of culture and a place of tradition. Hanoi has got many faces; French colonial style buildings, original Vietnamese Old Quarter, wide parks, broad alleys, many lakes and old temples and pagodas form a charming unique ensemble.