Cultura del barbiere di Hanoi: più di un taglio di capelli

Barbers have long played a very important role in Vietnamese lives. The Vietnamse has the phrase: “teeth and hair are the most important when it comes to appearance” so the culture of beauty for both men and women is placed on top of the country. If you have a chance to visit the big cities in Vietnam, youll see this culture in every corner of the street.

Hanoi Street Barbers Culture

Hanoi Street Barbers Culture

Back in the early years of the 21st century, sidewalk barbers were made up in the corners of the street, pavements, under the ancient trees printed deep in the minds of many Hanoians. So far, with the trend of Western culture, sidewalk barbers no longer have a foothold, but if you want to try the sense of normalcy, mingle with nature, these barbers are always the right destination for the people who love exploring.

Why should you try a haircut in Hanoi?

Unlike western countries, cutting hair in Vietnam is an essential and close service to people’s lives. Così, the cost of this service is very affordable, only the oscillation from 10 - 15$, including a lot of services, like hair washing and shaving. Vietnamese barbers are known for skillful hands, meticulous service and hospitality will bring you from this surprise to another when using services here.

Ora, European and Chicano style salons have crept into big cities and became a trend for young people. So you won’t have to worry about the appropriate hairstyle. Especially when you go to this barbershop, youll get a very enthusiastic welcome from the friendly barbers and willing to share stories of life, help you understand the customs and culture of local people.

Qui’ s a list of barbershops that are suggested in Hanoi. If you go to other cities like Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Can Tho, … is still very easy to find an eagle barbershop.

Top 5 must-go Barbershops in Hanoi

As a person with a love of hair and grooming, once experienced in many barbershop shops in town, i’d like to introduce the 5 must-go barbershops when you have time to stay in Hanoi.

1. House of Barbaard

  • Indirizzo: 36 Hang Chao, Cat Linh, Dong Da
  • Tel: 02477727737
  • Prezzo: ~15$

House of Barbaard

The European barbershop, inspired by the famous Schorem barbershop in Holland, with a five-star service and a luxury space,is the right place for the gentleman to have the old vibe in his style.

2. Bom Barbershop

  • Indirizzo: 76 Yen Hoa,Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Tel: 077 729 3933
  • Prezzo: ~10$

Bom Barbershop

Bom is a former dancer so his style of haircuts is so creative, this barbershop is very close to the West Lake of Hanoi. This is the right place for tourists to explore the scenery of the biggest lake in Hanoi.

3. Doi Barbershop

  • Indirizzo: 19 Ngo Tram, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Tel: 036 759 6596
  • Prezzo: ~10$

Doi Barbershop

An interesting option for visitors to stay at the hotels near The Old Quarter. With the space designed based on nostalgia from an ancient Hanoi, visitors will experience unforgettable sensations here.

4. Old G Barbershop

  • Indirizzo: 26 Ai Mo Street, Long Bien, Hanoi
  • Tel: 090 345 00 94
  • Prezzo: 7$

Old G Barbershop

This barbershop has staff members who are young, equipped with knowledge and passion, are always ready to listen and serve the customers best. Located in Long Bien district, a distance of two kilometers from the city centre, a great experience if you want to explore more about Hanoi.

5. Fukaeri Barbershop

  • Indirizzo: 27 Doc Tam Da, Thuy Khue, Hanoi
  • Tel: 039 268 2003
  • Prezzo: ~10$

The barber’s shop owner is a very passionate artist, with extensive knowledge and highskill, fukaeri barbershop promises to give customers some kind of beautiful and interesting stories.

Here is a list of famous barbershops and should go one time in Hanoi for traveller. Don’t hesitate to try a haircut in Hanoi to feel the hospitality and skill of the workers in the land of capital.