local markets in Hanoi

Local markets in Hanoi recommended by Eviva Tour

Take a look into the city of Hanoi, you will easily see buying and selling activities everywhere. In every alley, a noodle shop, in every corner, a grocery stall that sell foodstuffs ... 继续阅读 →

河内 – 越南美食震中

许多专家都推荐建材河内成为世界的厨房,以增加城市旅游目的地的吸引力. At a recent workshop on developing Vietnamese ... 继续阅读 →


第二个旅游信息和支持中心已在2号乐泰已经推出街头, 河内, 通过还剑区人民委员会和越南旅游股份公司. Domestic ... 继续阅读 →

顶 10 在河内的食品商店,并不需要一个名字出名

这些路边食店生存时间感谢的测试只是口耳相传. 1. 牛肉河粉 (坡博) | 34 选择雀仔街: Netizens call this pho bo stall ‘Tư Lùn’ ... 继续阅读 →

顶 6 购物街河内

如果你绊倒河内, 要购物, 不要忘记检查出 6 最好的购物街河内, 越南. 1- 杭非街, Hang Gai Ward Hang Non Street, Hang ... 继续阅读 →
Hanoi nightlife


HoanKiem区人民委员会已经在老城区准备的法令草案,允许企业, 各地还剑湖 (或退回剑湖) and some surrounding ... 继续阅读 →

The first Safari in Bao Son Paradise Park, 河内

Hanoians, especially children, will have an opportunity to enjoy the world of animals by rowing boats along the river in ‘Jungle Splash’, the first Safari in Bao Son Paradise Park, ... 继续阅读 →

Stunning photos of Hanoi street vendors from above

A Dutch photographer has spent a lot of time on a bridge in the middle of Hanoi, just to capture one of the most lovely moments of Hanoi street. Photographer Loes Heerink from the ... 继续阅读 →

6 most attracted bars in Hanoi

Tadioto, The Doors or +84 are great places for foreigners to come to exchange about art, listen to music and enjoy drinks when they are in Hanoi. Tadioto From abstract paintings, artistic ... 继续阅读 →

Australian female backpacker promote Hanoi on CNN

After filming with CNN, the blogger did not hesitate to share her Hanoi travel experience with those who first come here. In January, Phoebe (Brisbane, 澳大利亚) arrived in Hanoi as ... 继续阅读 →