Chương trình kích thích du lịch trong nước của Hà Nội nhận được sự hưởng ứng nồng nhiệt

Nhiều hơn 100 companies have signed up to participate in the domestic tourism stimulus program launched by the Hanoi capital government, the City Department of Tourism said on November 19.

Chương trình kích thích du lịch trong nước của Hà Nội nhận được sự hưởng ứng nồng nhiệt

The companies included 85 travel companies and transport enterprises, 21 hotels and shopping centres, và 10 tourism destinations. They offer 346 tours in total. It is noteworthy that Hanoi’s People’s Committee has signed cooperation deals with three airlines – Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Bamboo Airways.

Many tourism products under the demand stimulation programme have been designed to tap into the local cultural heritage and revolutionary relics, such as a night tour of Hoa Lo prison, where revolutionaries used to be imprisoned during the colonial era, night tours of the ancient Thang Long citadel, or those highlighting the 36 streets for 36 trades in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the capital city’s traditional trade villages and ancient villages. Many other tours are linked with other cities and provinces in the northern region.

Local tourism attractions have worked to improve their services with new activities. The popular pedestrian space around Hoan Kiem Lake at weekends hosts multiple events from art performances to sport games. The Ba Vi National Park offers hot air balloon service, while the Hanoi Museum of Ethnology creates tours to give visitors an experience of autumn in Hanoi.

Trong khi đó, hotels and shopping centres offer discounts of between 10 và 30 phần trăm.

Hanoi will step up the programme while restructuring its tourism products and markets towards the goal of a 45 percent increase year-on-year in domestic visitors over 2020 more than 11 triệu.

The capital welcomed 7.27 million visitors in the January-October period, xuống 68.9 phần trăm so với cùng kỳ năm ngoái, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Department of Tourism.

Trong 2019, around 29 million visitors came to Hanoi, bao gồm nhiều hơn 7 million foreigners./.

Nguồn: VNA

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