xử lý mùa đông Hà Nội

When winter arrives in Hanoi, fried sweet potato and banana cakes will become favorite foods of Hanoians and visitors. Stalls selling hot potato and banana cakes have begun appearing along the streets in the capital.

xử lý mùa đông Hà Nội

The smell of the cakes makes passersby’s mouth water and the heat from the stoves keeps people warm in the cold atmosphere. The price is affordable, around VND10,000 (44 US cents) per cake.

The main ingredients of the crisp yellow cakes are sweet potatoes and bananas from the countryside. After being mixed with flour and sugar, they are deep fried and become a perfect treat in winter days.

The fried sweet potato and banana cake selling stalls have mushroomed on almost all streets and alleys in Hanoi, especially around schools.

Tuy nhiên, if one wants to find the most delicious sweet potato and banana cakes in Hanoi, they are recommended to go to Lang Street running from Cau Giay Bridge in Cau Giay District to Nga Tu So Ward in Dong Da District.

Customers usually come to the street from 5 p.m., making the street a bustling area in town.

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