Top 4 places for Christmas in Hanoi

During these days, every corner of Hanoi is filled with the cozy atmosphere of Christmas, which is also known as Noel with joyous celebrations by both Catholics and followers of other religions.

Local people and tourists can enjoy the cheer of the cold holiday season in many places in the capital city, from holly place like Hanoi Cathedral to busy shopping mall like Times City.

1. Hanoi Cathedral

Located at No.40 on Nha Chung Street, Hanoi Cathedral is considered a great venue for Catholics and youngsters to engage in Xmas season.

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Preparatory work often starts several weeks before the Christmas Eve when a large number of people flock to Hanoi Cathedral to see a joyful and meaningful celebration.

2. Shopping malls

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Big malls such as VinCom, Times City and Royal City are common venues for families and young couples to go during Christmas. These places are carefully decorated days before the Xmas Day to attract visitors.

3. Guom (Sword) Lake

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Guom Lake is one of places people should not miss during Christmas holiday. After walking around the lake to ẹnjoy Christmas celebrations, people can stop at some coffee shops nearby to have a tasty drink and wonderful view of the lake at night.

4. Buffet and Teambuilding at Hoa Binh (Peace) Park

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A special programme called Aptech Teambuilding will be held at Hoa Binh (Peace) Park on December 21 to celebrate Christmas. Participants at the event will have a chance to play games, attend buffet and enjoy music and dance performances.

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