Why I love Hanoi ?

I love Hanoi’s people, especially the Hanoi’s girls. You will be impressed by girls with fair skin and light voice. Hanoi’s girls are known by gentle personality and elegant style. ... Continue Reading →

Things to do in Hanoi

1. Hoan Kiem Lake (in the early morning or evening): This is a lake located in the centre of Hanoi and is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Hanoi. The Lake is famous ... Continue Reading →

The romantic street in Hanoi

Phan Dinh Phung street has wide sidewalks and row of Sau trees shed bright yellow leaves in late spring. On the streets there are many villas were built during the French and the ... Continue Reading →

Fragrant Hoa Sua blossoming in Hanoi autumn

One of the most highly anticipated events of the season has begun in Hanoi – the Hoa Sua or “milk flower” is here. Tens of thousands people are flocking to city streets to see ... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Hanoi woman

Hanoi capital has a history of over a thousand year. Hanoi has always been known as a peaceful city, with many traditional features. But Hanoi’s most prominent thing when it comes ... Continue Reading →

I love Hanoi, I remember to smell the Milk flowers

I love Hanoi, although I just came to Hanoi for only one time. However, that time was my best time ever. I came to Hanoi on an autumn day, and my first feeling was the feeling of a ... Continue Reading →

Hanoi shines on the 60th anniversary of its Liberation day

The 10th of October is one of the most important events of Vietnam in the year 2014 as it marks the 60th anniversary of Liberation day of Hanoi as well as the 15th anniversary of Hanoi’s ... Continue Reading →

Hanoi in the Fall & Winter season

My friend, a tour expert of Eviva Tour Vietnam said that in the fall-winter season in Viet Nam is affected by hurricanes and tropical low pressure causing constant rain in the Central ... Continue Reading →