Thang Long Under The Tran Dynasty (1009-1225)

After two centuries of rule, the Ly Dynasty went into decline and was succeeded by the Tran Dynasty that restored political and social order. The Dai Viet civilization continued to ... Продолжить чтение →

Thang Long Under The Ly Dynasty (1009-1225)

В конце 1009, at Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh province), Ly Cong Uan ascended the throne, taking the name King Ly Thai To, establishing the Ly Dynasty. Next year he moved the capital to ... Продолжить чтение →

1000-year Chinese Domination

During the Han-ruling period, Au Lac was divided into three provinces: Giao Chi, Cuu Chan and Nhat Nam. Hanoi belonged to Giao Chi but it was not mentioned in the history books of the ... Продолжить чтение →