Япония культурный фестиваль пройдет в Ханое

Министерство культуры, Спорта и туризма обнародовал решение по организации Японии культурного фестиваля приветствует Новый год 2015 - AKEOME! 2015 во Вьетнаме.

Япония культурный фестиваль пройдет в Ханое

Соответственно, the event will be held form December 27-28, 2014 at Giang Vo Exhibition Center in Ha Noi to create a healthy playing ground for young people on New Year 2015 and enhance more friendship between Viet Nam and Japan.

The festival takes an ideal from a word “akemashite omedetouin Japanese language with a meaning of Happy New Year!

At the festival, the tourist can participate into some activities to welcome New Year of Japan participating into asomikuji and buy souvenirs from Japan.

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