Любимые блюда из подростков Ханоя

Большинство подростков Ханоя пользуются хрустящими в форме подушки тортов, Вьетнамский мягкий тофу, и т.д.. в районе рынка Nghia Тан, Кау Giay район.

It is not only a variety of dishes but also cheap with average price from VND 5,000 для 30,000.

Любимые блюда из подростков Ханоя

The pillow shaped cakes are deeply fried, then cut into three pieces, served with fish sauce and herbs. Their filling includes ground pork meat, noodles and black mushroom.It costs VND 8,000/ a pillow shaped cake and VND 10,000/ a shrimp cake.

Another dish is dry beef salad. Apart from familiar ingredients such as: pickled papaya, carrot, dried beef, the shop also adds fermented sliced pig’s ears. It costs VND 30,000/bowl.

Soft tofu is contained in a small bowl of black jelly, tofu, pearls, fresh coconut, dried coconut, и т.д.. A bowl of tofu only costs VND 6,000.


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