Join Hanoi cooking class – A full day tour

Join Hanoi cooking class - A full day tour
This tour combines sightseeing, a local culinary experience, and cooking lessons in a tranquil villa in Hanoi.

A full-day Hanoi cooking class typically involves immersive hands-on experiences where you can learn about Vietnamese cuisine and cooking techniques. Here’s what you can generally expect from such a class:

1. Introduction: The day usually kicks off with a warm welcome and an introduction to Vietnamese cuisine. The instructors will provide an overview of the dishes you’ll be cooking and the ingredients involved.

2. Market visit: Many cooking classes begin with a visit to a local market. Here, you’ll have the chance to explore fresh produce, herbs, and spices commonly used in Vietnamese cooking. The instructors might explain the characteristics of different ingredients and how to choose the best ones.

3. Cooking sessions: Back at the cooking school, you’ll be guided through preparing various Vietnamese dishes. Typically, you’ll learn to make around 4-5 dishes, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Popular recipes may include spring rolls, pho, bun cha, banh xeo, or even traditional desserts like che.

4. Hands-on experience: Instructors will demonstrate the cooking techniques, and then you’ll actively participate in preparing the dishes. They’ll guide you step-by-step, teaching you the methods, seasoning, and presentation skills.

5. Tasting and mealtime: Once you’ve cooked all the dishes, it’s time to taste your creations. You’ll get to enjoy the meal you prepared, and the cooking instructors might offer suggestions on how to enhance or adjust flavors.

6. Recipe sharing: At the end of the class, you typically receive a recipe booklet, allowing you to recreate the dishes at home. Some cooking schools even provide certificates of completion.

It’s worth noting that different cooking classes may have variations in terms of the specific dishes taught or the order of activities. However, most classes aim to provide an immersive and educational experience where you can learn the art of Vietnamese cooking.