1 jour à Ha Noi

Voici l'itinéraire suggéré pour les touristes qui ont un seul jour à Hanoi.

– 6 suis: you can walk around to find “Pho", "Bun cha” for breakfast. Then have a cup of cafe or a tea which is good for digestion.

bun cha ha noi

– 8h00: visit Mausolée de Ho Chi Minh (consider the opening hours of Mausoleum, it is closed on the Monday and Friday). If your can’t enter the Mausoleum then walk around to take photos of the One Pillar Pagoda

Mausolée de Ho Chi Minh

– 9:30: Leave from Pagode au pilier unique to go to Temple of Literature which is 1km away from the Pagoda. You can ask people or the police if there is no map.

Pagode au pilier unique

Then continue to visit Tran Quoc Pagoda, an ancient temple in Hanoi. The distance from the Mausoleum to the temple is about 2.5 km.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

– 10h30: Move from Temple de la Littérature to the West Lake (about 4km).

– 12h00: After visiting West Lake and Tran Quoc Pagoda you can find “Pho” or “Pho cuon” in Truc Bach Lake or eat an ice cream at the ice cream shop opposite the Tran Quoc Pagoda.

– 13h30: In the afternoon you can visit the Museum of Ethnology on Nguyen Van Huyen Street (Cau Giay District, about 8km from the city center). Here you can learn about cultures of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Museum of Ethnology

– 15h00: visit Lac Hoan Kiem et Temple Ngoc Son in the city center. Après cela, if you like walking then you can walk around Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter; visit every street food to enjoy the unique cuisine.

Lac Hoan Kiem

– 17h30: After visiting the streets in the Old Quarter, you go back to the hotel to take a shower and have dinner.

– 20h00: Dans la soirée, you have many choices: Go to the night market on weekends (from Friday to Sunday). The night market is quite crowded and sells souvenirs which are mostly imported from China. Outre, there are also second hand and handmade goods which are also quite good. Other options which you can choose are cycling or riding a motorbike on the Long Bien Bridge, drinking lemon tea on the bridge and watching the nightlife in Hanoi. En outre, you can also drink lemon tea on Nha Tho rue (Church Street), Ly Quoc Su Street (opposite the St. Cathédrale Joseph).

Long Bien Bridge

In one day, it may be not enough time for you to experience Hanoi. It will be even more amazing if you have more than 1 jour à Ha Noi. Please contact Eviva Vietnam Tour to get advice from local profession, we will not disappoint you.

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