Where and How to buy cheap shoes in Hanoi?

When I was in Hanoi last year, I asked my nephew who was a tour guide for a travel company called Eviva Tour Vietnam about where and how to buy some pair of shoes with reasonable price in Hanoi. Now I would like to share all the experience I’ve gained.

How to buy cheap shoes in Hanoi

There is a place located near Hoan Kiem Lake which definitely is the most center area of the city. This place consists of several small and narrow streets which intersect with one another. The streets’ names are Hang Dau, Hang Thung, Lo Su and Cau Go, and all belong to the famous Old Quarter. Here you can see hundreds of big and small shops selling a huge number of shoes. These shops even exhibit their products on many stalls covered all the pavement and road in order to attract buyers and make it easier to trade. I didn’t really know how many shoes were sold here but I did see shoes of every color and every type in this area. Stepped into a moderate store which had been recommended by my trusted nephew, I took a look around the shore which was covered by countless shoes. Immediately, a young boy ran to me with a soulless smile and said:

– Helloooo, Sirrrrr (he stretched his voice as an excitement of seeing a foreigner like many others did) Buy shoes?
– Yes, hmmm…, I need walking shoes – I replied.
– Ok ok Sir. Many many. Here (he showed me a stand hanging a lot of sport shoes) Pick one you like.

I picked one shoe with the color I liked and carefully examined it inside out. The black-yellow shoe was nicely decorated with Nike and its boomerang logo but the label inside showed “Made in China”. Cautiously, I asked the sale boy:

– Is this good?
– Oh, yes sir. Very good. No worry sir. Just put it on.
– So how much is it?
– Just try it sir. Price is very good. Just put it on.

So I put the shoes on and found it fit me right in. Well, this pair of shoes is ok to buy but I need to bargain much – I thought.

– Ok. I want to buy this. How much, please?
– I sell very good price, sir. 700,000 dong.
– 700000? Really? So expensive!

The young boy was very slow in speaking but significantly fast in understanding. He wisely answered:

– Oh, sir no expensive. It cheap. Good price. Good. This is Nike. See? Nike!
– I see but the price is way too much for me. Can you put it down?
– No way. No no. I sell good shoe good price. No down! Never – he firmly restated.

Since I had been very well prepared, I just gave him back the shoes, said “Ok. Bye” and turned away to leave.

– Sir sir, ok down, 600,000. Ok?
– Well, I don’t have that much. Still expensive
– Ok ok 500,000?

I shook my head as a refusal. Said the boy: So 450? How? you buy?

– 350,000. I have only that
– No way. No sir. It too cheap!

And when I finally began to walk away out of the shop, the boy screamed out: Ok sir. 350. Okkkk! That was how I bought my shoes with cheap price in Hanoi. How’s bout ya? Ready to take a shot?

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