Autumn – a wonderful season in Hanoi

Weather in Hanoi is getting cooler these days. The leaves are starting to change its color Vibrant color of yellow is slowly replacing the green of old trees in streets, creating a picturesque scene. Icy breeze blowing through the streets signals the gentle arrival of autumn. The beauty of Hanoi in autumn has been a source of inspiration for many Vietnamese artists, poets and musicians for generations.

Autumn Hanoi

A special feature of autumn in Hanoi is its fragrant. The unique fragrant comes from many sources. Sweet scent comes from its symbol seasonal flower which locals call milk flower. These clusters of tiny green flowers often hide behind the leaves and perfume long streets by its passionate scent. It brings a romantic atmosphere and makes you feel like fall in love.

Hanoi, Hoa sua

Bitter aroma yet inviting warm smell comes from the Vietnamese coffee. When you pass by a coffee shop and get a good whiff of the strong scent of coffee, all of your senses will be awaken and it is hard to keep going. It is a wonderful experience to sit on a pavement stall, drink a hot cup of coffee, feel lovely touch of sunshine through yellow leaves and watch the bustle of streets.

coffee in hanoi

Subtle scent comes from white orchid flower (hoa ngoc lan) which is crowdedly grown in Phan Dinh Phung Street and its vicinity. The scent makes you feel like being in a land of peace and gentleness.

Autumn’s scent of Hanoi cannot be completed without mentioning the soft scent of green rice flakes (Com) – a Hanoi specialty. Com is made from premature young rice. It is typically packed inside lotus leaves and is also packaged by fresh green rice straw around the outside. Fragrance of lotus leaf adds flavor Com and makes it increasingly cool, sweet and soft.

Com Hanoi

If you come to Hanoi in autumn once, Hanoi and its scents will always stay in your heart.

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