Each corner in Hanoi

I have impressed by an album about Ha Noi of America photographer – Jon Siegel and I harmonize the way he feels about Ha Noi. It demonstrates the whole picture of this country and attracts me as the first time.

Each corner in Hanoi-1

A hard working man is serving “Pho” – a traditional food in Vietnam. In Vietnam, people starts their day so early and they usually have a Noodle and take a cup of coffee before working. It makes Ha Noi people gently and relaxed.

Each corner in Hanoi-2

Taking a cup of coffee on the street of Ha Noi in the morning is so fantastic. It brings me closer to the pace of life in Ha Noi with the rush of vehicle, the various sound of people surrounding me, the happy face of coffee shop owner bringing me a sign of lucky day.

Each corner in Hanoi-3

It is another street food in Ha Noi. It tastes sweet and delicious. It is better to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Each corner in Hanoi-4

This is a familiar scene in every corner at street of Ha Noi, which is considered as unique street culture of Ha Noi. It is a vendor with different type of vegetable and I am impressed by the center of this picture – an old lady is arranging vegetable. It makes me feel friendly and easy to get close to a charming Ha Noi.

Each corner in Hanoi-5

An old man slowly walks down on one of the most crowded street in Ha Noi. He looks like an experienced man and live through the changes of a fast growing city like Ha Noi.

Each corner in Hanoi-6

A small shop selling dried medicine made from different leaves and plants in Asia. It is easy to recognize this street because of the medicines smell. There is one street is specialize selling this special medicine.

Each corner in Hanoi-7

It is a peaceful picture taken in a pagoda in Ha Noi. As I know, each district has at least one pagoda and they usually go there to pray in the starting days of a month.

Each corner in Hanoi-8

Two of kids are playing with a cat on the street of Ha Noi.

Each corner in Hanoi-9

It is a well known street in Ha Noi and there are lots of foreigners visiting Ta Hien street. It is always crowded and it attracts many young Vietnamese people because they can find variety entertainment here such as drinking beer with friends, enjoying live music, drinking “tra da”, chatting with friends, etc. It makes Ta Hien street always colorful and bustling.

Each corner in Hanoi-10

Night market is another recommended place when you visit Ha Noi. It is opened only in the weekend and you can find any stuff you want in this market with a cheap price. It is suitable to buy souvenirs here.

I desire to have a tour to Vietnam and visit Ha Noi again, and I am sure I will capture my beautiful moment in this country.

by Maxim Zverev

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