Cyclo–which attract you to visit Hanoi

In modern life, it’s hard to find a primitive means and transport that are operated by human power. People now are familiar with the modern means of transportation, but most of the modern means of transport bring some bad effects to the environment and do not give you the feeling of comfort and relaxation when using it.

In Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, we have one kind of transport which appeared for a long time, be operated by human power and is one of the means of transport which used for tourism in Hanoi. It is “Cyclo “.

Appear in Hanoi since 1939, Cycloisdaily transport of Hanoians during20th century. Those people who drive are kind of poor and their cyclo is used as a thingto make money. And the Hanoians called for cycloto go to work, shopping, and other daily tasks.

Cyclo in hanoi

However, in today’s modern life, cyclo is no longer used for dailyanymore. Youonlycan see the cyclo driver used his cyclo to transport and deliverthe goods. But Cyclo now has become one of the most amazing transports for tourism.

Cyclo in hanoi-2

Cheap, convenient, comfortable and friendly are words that can be used to describe this type of transport. Most of the foreign tourists are using cyclo to visit some tourist sites in Hanoi, especially Old Quarter of Hanoi. With narrow and short roads in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the cyclo is easier to move around than others.

Passenger will feel very comfortable to sit on a cushion of cyclo and it will make you feel like you are sitting on the salon. The cyclo alsohaveno window and concealed by the door so visitors can look at tourist sites, streets withcomfortable way.

The cyclo is very convenient and friendly to tourist. Drivers are pretty good at foreign language (English, French…). For those who do not have good language skill, they can use body language to communicate. So you will not have to worry about language barriers when talking to people driving cyclo. The cyclo driver also understands really well about landscapes, tourist attractions, good places to eat andsouvenirs shops. With their help, you will have a great experience when visiting Hanoi.

Price is a thing that most tourists are interested in and worriedabout. The Cyclo which used for tourism in Hanoi are now owned by companies and organizations supply travel services. Price is always published and decided before so tourists do not have to worry about the price.

Cyclo in hanoi-3

There were so many visitors said that:”Hanoi Old quarter will lost all attractivethings without cyclo, Cyclo not only istraditional thing but also is the most amazing thing can attract us when we visiting Hanoi”.Come and explore Hanoi by cyclo! You will never feel disappointed!

Author: Quy Hoai

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